Frequently Asked Questions

Baffled by the whole thing? We¬†understand that artificial grass can be confusing at times. We’ve done our best to answer some of the most popular questions below.

How much artificial grass will I need

Every garden is different and as such we need to establish the total area that requires artificial grass. The easiest way to do this is to measure the ‘areas’ by width and length. You then will have an area size such as 16 metres length by 4 metres width. If we times these numbers together we then have the total area 64 metres. If you’re unsure please do contact a member of the New Lawn team who will be happy to help.

What are the advantages of artificial grass

Artificial grass has a huge range of advantages compared to turf, it is all dependent on the individuals requirements. Below are just a number of the main advantages as to why artificial grass is a fantastic replacement for turf.

  • Low Maintenance – No need to mow your garden anymore!
  • No Watering – You can have that fresh all year round green looking without watering your garden on a daily basis.
  • Environmental Friendly – No need for pesticides and using petrol lawnmowers.
  • No More Mud – You wont have the pets or kids running mud through the house.
Can I install artificial grass on top of my existing lawn

We would not recommend this as the existing lawn will die over time and then compact in areas which will give an uneven surface for your artificial grass. There are a lot of shortcuts that can be taken when installing artificial grass, please ensure the job is completed the New Lawn way and have professional installation.

If there is a lot of rainfall will this sit on top of the surface

Based on having your artificial grass installed correctly this means we have the correct foundations in place to ensure water never sits on top of the surface. The grass we install is permeable and as such rain water will run straight through and soak into the earth below. Remember, don’t take any shortcuts!

How long will the artificial grass last

This is very dependent on the usage however we provide all of our customers with a minimum 10 year guarantee for the products provided by New Lawn Artificial Grass Ltd.

Is artificial grass safe for children to play on

Yes, a lot of nurseries and play schools are now looking to install artificial grass as it’s extremely safe for children to play on. They cant be losing footing or rolling ankles as the surface is perfectly even.

How will pets react to the product

The great thing about artificial grass is that pets love it and you will as a pet owner when you don’t have them digging up your lawn! You’re able to easily clean the artificial grass by either showering down with the hose or you can simply remove.

Are there different types of artificial grass

We offer a three different residential and commercial ranges that can be located on ‘our ranges’. The perfect range for you will be dependent on your needs, contact a member of the New Lawn team if you’re unsure as to the best product for you. We’re more than happy to send out free samples and also offer site visits.

What does it feel like underfoot

This will depend on the range of artificial grass installed however all the ranges are soft and springy. Why not order samples today to establish which range is most suited to you.

Why is sand used as a top layer

We add a top layer of sand to help hold the artificial grass down, this is purely added for precautionary measures and isn’t always required.

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