How much does artificial grass cost

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How much does artificial grass cost?

Like any product, artificial turf comes in all sorts of varieties that meet a range of budgets and requirements. We understand it can be overwhelming, so in our latest blog post we wanted to give you the low-down of the different ranges we offer.

Before we begin, it is worth letting you know that all of our artificial turf is priced per m2. During your site visit, a professional and friendly member of our team will measure the area in order to provide you with an accurate quote for your New Lawn. In our experience, a typical garden measures approximately 50m2, which costs around £55+VAT for supply and installation. Read on here to find out more about the types of artificial grass we have available!


Value Range

If you’re looking for artificial turf that provides value for money but doesn’t compromise on quality, then take a look at our Value Range.

Within this range you will find 3 different types of artificial grass: Fusion, Vision and Meadow. Fusion is the perfect solution if you are looking for grass that is a lighter shade of green, whilst Meadow is darker in colour and has slightly longer curly 29mm fibres compared to Vision’s 27mm soft fibres. With prices beginning at just £16.50(+VAT) per m2, you’re bound to find a lawn that meets your needs.


Mid Range

This is the place for you if you are looking for a hint of luxury that comes at a reasonable budget. We offer a variety of artificial lawns within our mid range and prices start at £21.49(+VAT) per m2. We are particularly fond of our Eclipse artificial grass, which provides all of the bounce of a natural lawn with none of the maintenance.

You needn’t just take our word for it on the quality of our mid range artificial grass, order a sample today to get a feel for it!


Luxury Range

If you require the highest-quality artificial lawn that is fit for a queen then check out our luxury range. Included in this are the NLLuxury, Serenity and Solis artificial lawns and prices start at just £25(+VAT) per m2.  All of the grass in our luxury range is ultra-realistic, and each is perfect for our customers’ varied requirements.

If your garden is a hub for children and pets, then the NL Luxury artificial lawn is the lawn for you. Each blade measures 35mm and is super soft, which means your little ones (and furry friends) can really enjoy the lawn all year round in comfort. For areas of all sizes we recommend Solis; this soft, green grass is as realistic as it comes and is well-suited for plots both large and small.


Sports Surfaces

Artificial grass is great for sports and activity from golf courses to children’s playgrounds. These hard-wearing lawns start at

Play Artificial Grass - Namgrass

£34.99(+VAT) per m2 and come in two varieties: ProPutt and Play. Both are perfect for ball sports and provide a natural-looking and useable surface all year round.

We never compromise on quality at New Lawn. Regardless of their range, each artificial lawn we provide is safe and low maintenance, leaving you free to enjoy your garden without the hassle of caring for a natural lawn. For a discussion around your requirements and to hear our recommendations for your garden, get in touch today!


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